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Our Work Processes

WorkWalk2.gif (141385 bytes) When we begin a job, we try to make the least possible impact upon your site.  We carefully extract old concrete/material and set framing while working from within the footprint of the new construction as much as possible.
WalkCobb1.gif (145482 bytes) Although a little extra effort for us, it helps maintain your existing landscaping and makes the final result beautiful from the day we depart.
WorkSeq1B.gif (109644 bytes) Free-form shapes in delicate environments are our specialty.   We adjust our work methods to meet the needs of the space.  If hand work is required to protect lawns or plantings, that is how we work.
WorkSeq2B.gif (89513 bytes) Our goal is to give you a space you can begin enjoying immediately.
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Tools1.gif (116931 bytes) When mechanical equipment is used for a job, we use small "Bobcat" units.  These maneuverable machines can work within the footprint of the job and not damage nearby plantings and other owner features.

We bring in trash units on the day we begin work to contain all the waste.  Demolition rarely takes more than 1 day and the site (your property and surrounding pubic property) is cleaned up before our workers depart.  The trash container is frequently picked up the next day to minimize neighborhood inconvenience.

WorkSeq1A.gif (101962 bytes) Working within the job footprint ensures a clean finish (below).
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